Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 9 Greater Essex

OSSTF D9 Scholarship Info


Terms and Conditions of Eligibility and Selection



    Eligibility is limited to persons who will be graduating or have graduated within the past year from a secondary school, have not attended a post secondary institution and are dependent children, natural or adopted or foster children of at least one year as of the date application is due, of parents or guardians who are members of OSSTF District 9, retired members of OSSTF District 9 or deceased members of OSSTF District 9.



Four (4) entrance scholarships will be awarded.  Attempts will be made to award at least one award to a college bound student. Awards are not renewable.



Four (4) awards valued at $750.00 (seven hundred fifty dollars) each payable to the successful candidates who will be attending university or a community college.



Academic - The applicant should have attained a level of excellence in their area of proficiency.  Consideration will be given to students applying to academic programs, trades or apprenticeships at the college or university level.

Character – At least one letter of reference from a staff member of the applicant’s current Secondary School (e.g. principal, teacher, or support staff) who is familiar with the student’s curricular and extra-curricular activities.



    The Treasurer of OSSTF, District 9 shall pay the amount awarded to each student who has been selected after confirming that the student is duly enrolled to an accredited college or university in a course leading to a diploma or degree.  All applicants must send to the OSSTF, District 9 Scholarship Committee a letter confirming admission and some form of proof of tuition payment to a university or college. Special circumstances may be brought to the District President for consideration. It is the sole responsibility of the award recipient to report the funds received as income to Revenue Canada.



    Award recipients must be prepared to enter college or university in the year of application.  Consideration will be given to applications from students up to one year after graduation from high school who are enrolling in the first year of a post-secondary education program and who have not received the bursary before. Requests for deferment will be considered only in unusual circumstances.  The final decision for allowing deferments will be made by the OSSTF, District 9 Scholarship Committee.



The selection of award recipients will be made by the OSSTF, District 9 Scholarship Committee. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee in the awarding of scholarships and all decisions related to the scholarship fund and the administration thereof shall be final.


(h)       DUE DATE – Monday, May 31, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.

Applications may only be submitted by e-mailing all documents in ONE SINGLE FILE to office@osstf9.com. Applicants will receive a reply with a confirmation from the District office. Body of e-mail must include (copy and paste the below requirements into your e-mail and write your answers below each question):

-Name of Applicant:
-Full Address:
-Email Address:
-Birth Date:
-High School Attended this Year:
-University or College You will be Attending:
-University or College Program You will be Attending:

-Name of OSSTF Parent/Guardian Responsible for Your Support:
-Relationship to Student Applying:
-Parent/Guardian OSSTF Membership Number:

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given in this application is true in all respects (Answer YES or NO):

My parent or guardian listed above has reviewed this application (Answer YES or NO):


 1. Student’s Introductory Letter – including:

     a. Community/Volunteer Involvement – As per OSS requirements

     b. Extracurricular (provide number of months or years for each extracurricular)

     c. Other Community/Volunteer Involvement (Other than OSS requirements) providing the name of the community partner and number of months or years for each.

     d. Other Interests/Hobbies

2. Official OR Non-Official transcript - to include the number of courses taken this year. Reach out to your Guidance counselor if you require assistance.

3. Interim marks of the final semester (not necessary if already graduated)

4. A letter of reference from at least one staff member (principal, teacher, support staff) who is familiar with your curricular and extra-curricular activities.

5. (Optional) Letters of reference from non-school individuals –employer, volunteer coordinator, etc.

6.  A letter confirming admission to a university or college.